Wednesday, March 10, 2010

St. Mark's Garden progressing.

After our second work day at the St. Mark's garden (see what we did on our first work day), we got the space completely cleared and ready for our next steps, which include building some raised beds. The drawing below shows how we hope the garden will look once it's completed.
This garden will be maintained by the members of St. Mark's and the seniors living in Martin Luther Towers (on the St. Mark's campus). One of the most important things that we will be doing at this site in the next couple of weeks will be to put down a walking path that is accessible to those in wheelchairs and using walkers who would like to work in our garden.

It looks like we will be recycling some old playground flooring that we are removing from Bethlehem Lutheran in West Oakland (where we are also working on a garden) to use for this path. We will be asking the seniors and members of St. Mark's to check out some samples of this flooring to make sure it meets their needs.

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