Monday, March 22, 2010

Current Needs

Welcome has a hand in lots of gardens in different stages.  At the Free Farm we need bike rims to cover our crop beds.  We can also really use folks coming by to take pictures of the great work being done and volunteers to bring in vegan lunches for around 20 people.  Tree has also listed some needs for the Free Farm at the end of his new blog post.  Check it out!

At St. Mark's we have a need for 8 foot lengths of 1x6 or 2x6 redwood lumber.  We also need 8 foot 2x4's for a potting table, benches for garden lounging, and raised beds!

As always you can check out our in-kind donation section of the Urban Share blog and the What We Need section of the Free Farm Stand blog.

Don't forget you can always donate your time, too!

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