Monday, March 15, 2010

West Oakland Garden Workday

(see what the site looked like before our work day)

Today in Oakland, at 950 12th St., we made our final preparations before our big work day on Saturday March 20th (10-2pm - lunch served). This community garden is located at Bethlehem Lutheran. We are partnering with the good folk at Urban Farming for the event, which be sponsored by Kraft.

We started gathering our tools and made friends with the many neighbors who stopped by to ask questions about the new garden space. One young friend (a third grader) has helped us at the garden two Mondays in a row. Since our garden space is sandwiched between two schools, we expect our garden to be a great resource for local kids. In addition to the schools, Girls from the local Girls Inc will be utilizing the space to learn more about farming and the environment.

Today in pictures-
We liberated a gate that was buried in ivy and nailed shut, replaced rusty hinges and added a lock;
(this is what the gate looked like after three hours of pruning)prepped the walls for the murals that we will begin painting on Saturday;
painted the shed;
removed some old beds who wood was rotting;

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