Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Workday - I am a rock!

Today at the free farm we did a little planting. Below you will see pictures of the seedlings we planted in the double dug beds, in our labyrinth and on our hill.
We also worked to double dig another bed since we have lots of seedlings that need to get into the ground as soon as possible before they go bad. But, you'll notice from the photo below, that in the middle of our double digging we discovered a huge boulder in the middle of our bed. It took a little work, but we were eventually able to get the boulder out and complete our raised bed so that it would be ready for planting on Saturday. After double digging, we added horse manure and compost to the top and worked it into the soil.

Below is pictures of our completed raised and the seedlings that are itching to be planted.

In addition to growing food for the hungry, the Free Farm also serves as an educational spaces that teaches people about the different ways it is possible to garden and grow food in Urban settings. The photo below shows four different types of gardening: 1) the double dug raised beds; 2) a terraced hillside; 3) planting flowers, sunflowers and herbs directly on the hillside in mulch; and 4) our labyrinth raised beds.
Come see the garden for yourself at our next workday on Saturday from 10-2. Vegan lunch is served at noon. Closed during heavy rain. Hope you'll join us!