Friday, March 19, 2010

Second mural to go up at our West Oakland garden site

This Saturday marks a special day for our West Oakland site at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Not only is it the gardens kick off work day, in which the wonderful folks from Urban Farming are coming out to help us get the garden going, but we will be starting a mural lead by visiting German artist and muralist Bianca Müller.

The space at Bethlehem is as inviting as can be, with a congregation of
wonderful and welcoming members, and a sweet little plot of land
waiting to grow nourishing food and beautiful flowers for all the
communityto enjoy. On Saturday, we will gather with the members
of the congregations and community and friends and volunteers of
Urban Share to work on the mural that Bianca has been hard at work
creating sketches for. The mural depicts images of key influential civil rights rights
leaders in the agricultural movement: Cesar Chavez, George Washington Carver and
current First Lady Michelle Obama. Stay tuned for photos of the mural to come - we hope
to see you at one of our gardens soon!

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