Friday, March 19, 2010

University of Wyoming Students Work at the Free Farm

Making the best use of their Spring Break, these University of Wyoming students, joined us for a special work day at the Free Farm

The students helped us finish up several of the tasks on our "to do" list, including:

Adding another layer of multch to the spaces where the pigeons and crows pulled up the cardboard looking for bugs and other critters.

Creating more walkways between our raised beds, by covering them with wet cardboard with mulch.

Double digging one of our last raised beds.

Cleaning up the rubble (from bricks that were found in the beds that we dug)

Watering the plants throughout the day, because it has been so warm outside lately and our plants have been getting burned.

They also helped organized the shed,
and completed our vertical garden frame box.
Lauren and Heidi came by the site and finished this water station that we be used for our drip tape and irrigation system. Special thanks to those who donated supplies and to the herchurch (Ebenezer Lutheran) for providing the funds we needed to purchase the additional pieces that make the water station fully functioning.

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