Monday, January 11, 2010

Workday Fun!

Hi There! My name is Case Garver. I'm a full-time volunteer for Welcome by way of the Lutheran Volunteer Corps. Part of my job is coordinating gardens, so most gardening related things like volunteers, materials, planning, logistics, and begging go through me!

This past Saturday workday Megan and I met with a group of experienced gardeners who know what's what when it comes to transforming an abandoned lot into a food-growing garden. Our friend Lauren from Produce to the People came by as well as Tree who I met at the free farm stand and Jonathan from Feel the Earth. We did some of the fun stuff like envisioning what we'd like to see in the site. Some things mentioned were chickens and ducks, a greenhouse, and a Cretan labyrinth.

I'm really excited to start changing the lay of the land in accordance with the vision we're developing. If you want to be a part of that visioning process and the work to get there come by and spend some time at the St. Paulus lot with me this Saturday from 10am-2pm. We're going to have a big dirt moving day to allow dumping access for large amounts of compost, manure, and woodchips! We'll have wheelbarrows, gloves, and buckets! Whooo-wheee! We've got a bunch of materials to work with that are going to need moved and organized. This kind of work needs volunteers! If you'd like to come by send me a line and I'll know to look for you!



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