Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Current list of needed supplies

Here is our current list of needs:

- Glass windows for greenhouses (of all sizes)
- Lumber (pressure treated and natural, 2x4's, pallets and plywood)
- Succulent clippings
-Chicken Wire
-Staple Gun
-Miscellaneous carpentry tools
- Battery powered power tools
- Manure
- String stakes
-Wood chips
- Seeds and seedlings: plants including trees and berries
- Garden tools: hand trowels, pitch fork, u-bar (digging fork), shovels, rakes, hoes.
- Wheel barrow and accompanying wheels.
-Wooden wine boxes
-a truck (for hauling supplies)

Of course, we are always looking for volunteers as well. Get in touch with Pete at petefeltman@gmail.com.

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