Sunday, January 10, 2010

DIY: Compost bins from Pallets

Pallets are a great item to recycle in the garden. You can find them around town or on sidewalks in transportation districts. They require a lot of hauling, but they're free! Pallets are strong enough to serve as framing for most building materials. One of the hardest things about building with pallets is when you find yourself with pallets of different sizes. So, if you can, try to get all your pallets from the same place. Here we built bins for our compost and manure out of 10 pallets. It's pretty straight forward the way we built them. We decided on three sections so we would have space for horse manure (free from local stables), compost that is ready to use and compost that is still composting.

Getting flat surfaces to meet up so you can nail the pallets together can be tricky. I recommend using small scraps of wood or pieces of broken pallets to nail the pallets together in spaces where the flat surfaces do not meet.

We put a layer of cardboard on the bin so the compost would not fall through the pallets.

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