Thursday, December 3, 2009

Build Your Own Greenhouse from Old Doors

  • spare wood (cut to fit)
  • 2 doors with glass (or simply a wood frame cover with clear plastic sheeting stapled over the top)
  • 4 door hinges
  • nails and a hammer
  1. Make a frame (a rectangle) from the pieces of spare wood that frame the door with your nails.
  2. Attach the door to the frame with a set of hinges.
  3. If you want to put two together make sure the two hinged sides but up against each other. This will allow for easier gardening. If you do it the wrong way there will be a door in your way when you want to garden.
We got all our supplies donated by people on craigslist, so our greenhouse was free!

Location: St. Paulus Lutheran Lot at Eddy and Gough, San Francisco, CA.

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