Sunday, November 22, 2009

Middle School Work Day at St. Paulus Garden

The youth from Trinity Lutheran Church in Pleasanton stopped by to do some work on our garden. They helped haul bricks to build a raised bed garden.

These bricks are the rubble from St. Paulus' old foundation. Then we covered the bricks with clear plastic to turn our raised bed into a temporary greenhouse.

If you want to recreate a garden like ours, note that we probably would not have used bricks (they're really heavy!), but they were in abundant supply at our site. We encourage you to creatively use the free plentiful things around you for your garden.

The other big project our volunteers helped us with was creating a ramp into our pit. One of the biggest obsticles of this garden site is that we need to find away for volunteers to safely enter the garden.

We were also able to start building a more permenant greenhouse.

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