Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our first mural work day at St. Paulus garden site a success!

Embarking on the Mural Project: Day 1

Today we officially began working on our mural at our St. Paulus garden site with our muralist Leanne C. Miller. After posting an ad on Craig's List last week seeking free paint and receiving an overwhelming amount of responses, Megan and I drove all across the city and as far as the East Bay to pick up gallons and gallons of paint in preparation for today. Earlier this week Case and I cleaned and primed the walls, working late in the night to make sure we would be ready for our first work day.

So far we've been able to get nearly all of our materials free of cost, keeping with our philosophy of urban share. Thanks to all the wonderful people of Craig's List and the community for donating their paint and supplies!

This morning we began by outlining and painting the first two panels. The first panel depicts a cross section of earth and the layers which make it up. Leanne designed this panel so it can also act as an educational tool for children who will visit the garden (beginning this Saturday for our first work day); a wonderful resource we will surely use often! In the second panel, a volunteer is serving a warm bowl of soup to a guest of WELCOME.

The next panels to come will depict images of the original St. Paulus church steeple and stained glass window, our soon to be built mobile cart which will distribute free produce and engage with the community through various arts programming, plus images of fruits, vegetables, herbs, friendly garden bugs and even praying (literally!) mantises.

Leanne C. Miller, Muralist & Artist

Leanne painting the cross section on Panel 1

Leanne outlining Panel 2

Tamara follows Leanne filling in Panel 2

Leanne (left) and Tamara (right) hard at work
Location: St. Paulus Lutheran Lot at Eddy and Gough, San Francisco, CA.

Our next mural work day will be this Sunday, November 22nd - so if you're in the area or just curious, stop by and say hello, we'd love to have you!

Check back soon for more photographs of our progress!

If you'd like get involved with Urban Share please contact Pete at

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