Monday, December 7, 2009

First Weekend in December:This Weekend at the St. Paulus Garden

This weekend at the St. Paulus Garden we did some more work on our shed. We are waiting to add the roof until the entire shed is completed and a locked door can be put on the front. We are trying not to encourage people from sleeping inside the shed (because of liability issues and to prevent people from using the shed as a bathroom. When completed, the shed will allow us to leave tools at the site.

We were also able to hang some hand made signs out some old pieces of wood, many of which are actually bed slats, donated paint and some roofing wire.

We created signs to recognize our financial supporters and volunteers.

Later, we stopped by the Tree's Free Farm Stand - a free farmer's market in the Mission. Tree gave us some starter plants for the St. Paulus lot. We planted two aloe plants just as it started to rain.

In the back of the photo you can also see that someone painted graffiti over our white walls prepping our murals. After the rain stops, we'll be repainting those walls.

Location: St. Paulus Lutheran Lot at Eddy and Gough, San Francisco, CA.

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