Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DIY: Cover Graffiti Quickly

Yesterday I decided to cover some of the graffiti that had been collecting at the site. In three hours I was able to cover up a large portion of the graffiti. First I used a roller to cover the bricks with yellow paint. I left some of the previous graffiti in the cracks of the brick, since they provide some great character. The design is then made with spray paint. You could make the same thing with regular paint but it would take longer.

I wanted to put some items on the wall to fill the space so it wouldn't just get covered with graffiti again. It seems like when we've tried to put graffiti style lettering on the wall that it just gets painted over, so this time I tried putting up some whimsical drawings of the produce that we are currently planting and information about when we are open. This will not only cover the graffiti, but serve as a billboard to the neighborhood about when our community work days are.

The design I used is really simple and I imagine that it could be copied by others with very little artistic ability. The strawberries are just a red cone, with a green star on top. Then the green and the red are outlined by black and black dots are put on the red.

The potatoes are simply brown ovals outlined in black with green vines drawn on last.

The flowers are made by drawing a purple four leaf clover shape. puting a blue X in the middle of the flower. Then using light yellow to draw a small circle in the middle of the flower and to outline the outside of the flower. Then the outside of the flower is neatly outlined with black.

And poof, a fast mural that cheaply covers large spaces of graffiti.

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