Saturday, August 15, 2009

Introducing SF Recycling & Disposal: Artists in Residence Program

The Artist In Residence (AIR) Program at SF Recycling & Disposal, Inc. is an innovative program that inspires and educates people about recycling and resource conservation by providing local artists with access to materials, a work space, and other resources at our Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center.

But, this is no ordinary dump, they are also the home of the only known art park inside of a garbage company. View their sculpture garden.

Additionally, AIR has just created a raised bed garden using recycled redwood lumber that was thrown away (despite being unused) from construction projects. They're also growing produce in recycling containers and other found items.

SF Recycling & Disposal not only recycles plastics, papers, batteries, electronics, tires and other items, but they also recycle paint. The paint (considered a hazardous material which cannot be put in the dump) is given away for free. We will be using some of this paint for our community arts projects.

Learn more about: SF Recycling & Disposal's Artists in Residence Program


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