Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Community Gardening Project begins!

Our Urban Share Community Gardening Project is taking off. We've started to get seeds in the mail from across the country and will begin planting soon. Our sample locations will be created in September in order to help other sites to see what our project looks like. We have several confirmed sites throughout the Bay Area.

If you'd like to send us some produce seeds, please send them to:
The Welcome Ministry
1751 Sacramento St
San Francisco CA 94109

We'll take pictures of them as they grow so you can see their journey on to a dinner plate!

The Urban Share Community Gardening Project takes advantage of underutilized city spaces by transforming them into community spaces; the results providing a tangible resource and tools for residents to learn about environmental protection, creative reuse and to address local hunger.

Our philosophy of urban sharing: We receive nearly all of our resources as in-kind donations (food, clothing, toiletries, volunteer time, office supplies, computers, kitchen supplies, etc.) ensuring that we can continue to provide critical counseling and advocacy services offered by our expert staff members. Are you willing to share?

About Our Organization:
When the Welcome Ministry was founded in 1996, our initial mission was to work with the homeless. In 2008, our work resulted in over 155 people moving indoors, causing the Welcome Ministry board (in 2009) to change both our name and our mission to: WELCOME – a communal response to poverty. We are just beginning the process of legally changing our name. We continue to work with the same low income individuals to help them learn the skills they need to remain indoors, to improve their quality of life and to become self-sustaining individuals.

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