Monday, April 12, 2010

Present Needs

Urban Share has a list of needs to drive the projects we're involved in forward. In order to have our needs met we have to ask. So, here's asking. Please bear in mind that you can either provide the whole in-kind donation of the item we need, or parts helpful in constructing it, or money to be put towards it.
Free Farm:
  1. Plastic for a green house
  2. Green house shelving (you'll see from the pictures below that we really need it)
  3. A shed for our tools (new or used as long as it's waterproof)
  4. Lumber for a composting toilet
  5. Wheelbarrows
  6. Knowledgeable folks able to lead others in tasks that need completing.
  7. Hand tools
  8. Lots of Compost/Manure/Woodchips
Check out this great greenhouse that the Farm received as a donation!

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