Friday, October 30, 2009

Work Day 3: St. Paulus Lot

Today we continued our painting-
Tilled the first level - This is not only a good way to prepare the ground for planting, but because this lot has been empty for sometime it helped us to find glass, needles and other sharp things that we want to make sure get picked up before we allow other volunteers to come into the space.

If you plan on attempting to do this in an empty lot near you, please remember the following safety tips:
  1. Wear long pants and protective eye wear to protect yourself from things that might get kicked up at you.
  2. Never, never, never put anything near the blades while it is turned on. If the blades get jammed, make sure it is turned off, a safety is on and that you use something other than your fingers to get it out.
  3. Try to pick up as much trash, glass and rocks as you can before you start.
After tilling the ground, it was soft and easier to flatten, which allowed us to began to lay out where our first beds will go-

Location: St. Paulus Lutheran Lot at Eddy and Gough, San Francisco, CA.

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